Tuesday, November 16, 2010

it's all a game

some things work out.
some things don't.
some stories end
before they even start.

we love some.
we hate too.
we get hurt.
we smile more.

fate deals it's hand.
some lose. some win.
who do we blame?
and who do we praise?

it's all a game.
it's me against the world.
it's my battle.
and it's for me to fight. 


questions brimming over
overflowing from the mind
too many i can't lay my hands on them
and too fast they slip away
they lie scattered on the ground
questions not to be raised
unasked they rot away
eating me away along the way

picked a question up from the ruins
the one that would answer all
an answer is all i seek
an answer i may never get
because it's a question i may never ask.