Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Never in my life have i used such slow internet as i am using now! it takes forever to open a webpage. aur Twitter to bhul hi jao. and for someone whose life's purpose is to tweet, this is torture of the highest degree! Twitter, for me, is the place where my feelings and emotions of the moment find expression. and to be cut-off from such a place is nothing less than being choked. this may sound a little exaggerated but i do feel choked; like i have to swallow my emotions back!
the internet speed is not getting better anytime soon. and until i leave for hyderabad and get a better net speed, i will have to lead this choked life.or maybe i will have to look for an alternate way of expression. maybe i will have to blog and blog. and see i have broken my exile from blogger.com with this post! so hello fellow bloggers, i am announcing my return to blogging!! nice to be back!