Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hues and Shades

a song rings in my mind
the words to it i can't quite recall
yet the tune is clear and sweet
the voice so unmistakably yours
the music plays on
and i hear them all in my mind

i once wrote the lyrics down
on the desk where i used to sit
and if i go back
to that class of mine
i may find the writings
faded but still holding on

my phone blared that song
for months on end
till the day i erased it clean
now i find no trace of it
except in my mind
where it lingers still

you are like that song to me
familiar once but now a distant memory
but the music takes me back to yesterday
and to memories of a time gone by
making me wish to listen to that song again
and remember a person i used to know

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

let me be

i do not demand
i do not expect
and i have no complains to make

i am the way i am
flawed but true
take me only if u can

love me or hate me
it's a call you make
and it's not for me to beg

come close
only if u feel the closeness
it's not an obligation

don't hand me roses
because you have to
but only if you want to

don't pity me
and do me things
i don't need your favor

don't pretend that you like me
and try to stab me at the back
i know better than to believe in you

don't try to make me special
when i am not to you
i need no one to feel that way

don't give me things
and think you're kind
i never asked for them

don't try to understand me
i am a puzzle
and you are not the one to solve

i ask nothing of you
i want not a thing from you
i wish nothing of you

you have your life;i have mine too
you live your life; and i live mine
you be as you are; let me be as i am

Friday, September 3, 2010

of pain, betrayal and survival

he left her standing all alone
one winter night,cold and grey
the darkness was closing in
the cold wind made her shiver

he was gone too soon
before she knew
and she stood there
too numbed to move

her mind drifted away
to memories of a warmer day
she rummaged to find a reason how
feelings could change all in a moment

what was her crime
she asked herself
when all she did was
love her man

she was hurt
she was betrayed
and she needed an answer why
from the man she loved

but he was gone forever
never to return
and she never could find
the answer she deserved to hear

she drowned herself in the pain
coursing through her body
stinging her every cell
she let it hurt, she let it cut

she waited for the tears to flow
a trickle ran down her cheek
but it froze mid-way
and shone with a pearly lustre

one fine day, sunny and bright
her frozen tears melted
and they were the last she would ever shed
for the man she loved

a smile was back on her face now
happiness was hers again
and she knew she deserved better
than the man she used to love.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fun on two wheels

Before you start reading the "poem" that follows, let me tell you this: I don't know how poems are supposed to be written. I don't know how the lines are supposed to be arranged. Do poems have to rhyme? I genuinely have no idea.
I simply came up with the following lines while sitting through a boring class, after i had just come back from the morning trip to Van Vihar. Once back in the hostel, I made a few additions to it and a few changes. And here's the result before me, before you. It's a recollection of the little trip; lines of recollection arranged one after the other.
Try enjoying if you can. If not, I can't help.. :P
Anyway, it's dedicated to my three crazy friends: Nancy, Amrita and Didhity. Life here would not have been so much fun without the three of them by my side.

6 a.m on the first morning of September
Four best friends, different yet same
Stepped out for a little fun
Riding two scooties; one purple, the other silver
As they zoomed past the college building
They decided to take a mini-detour
To waters uncharted:
To the region where stands the hostels of the boys
A short trip
And they were back again
On the more oft-trodden paths
Drove through the streets of the city
Before halting by the front gates of "Van Vihar"

Cycling for the first time
Through the winding road
The serene lake on one side
The lush greenery on the other
The birds calling out in the silence of the morning
The roar of the lion from the jungle beyond
The leopard sitting gracefully in its enclosure
The flight of the peacocks across the waters
The crocodile camouflaged among the rocks
One deer very docile
Another a little wild
Four best friends
All sleepy but happy
With smiles as bright as the morning sun
Spent the morning thus
Cycling through the winding road.