Tuesday, January 4, 2011

what lies ahead

i am already apprehensive about what lies ahead.
placements. job. work.
life after college.
going to work everyday (if at all i get a call letter from "Headstrong"!! ).
moving away from friends.
adjusting to a new place and new people.
trying to fit myself.
and what not!

just hope this year turns out fine. i am not even asking for "good" or "great"! i can deal with "fine". fingers crossed!


  1. You very well summed up our life this year in a single post!
    Sadly most of us will tread upon a path something similar.

  2. nice read! well..i can tell you from my experiences that headstrong is a good thing happening in your life..

  3. @maverick.. :).. welcome to my blog...