Friday, February 25, 2011

fly by quickly

the first two months of the last semester of college have gone just like that, without my even realizing it. two months remain. and i am wishing they would pass just as soon. unnoticed.
instead of wishing for time to stall or time to move at a slow pace, i am wishing it to run as fast as can be. i do not wish for an extra day here. i wish for the least number of days to stay.
i have had a great time here. i have made friends and had all the fun i could. i have done things i never thought i would. i have had my share of joys. and sorrows too. i have cried but i have laughed more. i have had the time of my life. but right now i seem to have had enough of this place. i am getting sick of it. i no longer want to stay. i want to run somewhere far away.
some people i will truly miss. but most i won't even care. some places i will miss going to. but there will always be new places to go. i will miss staying up all night, sleeping all day. but i won't really mind.
when the time comes for me to leave for real, i might get a little sentimental and shed a tear or two. but that's all i will do. i will indulge in no drama. i will leave as quietly as i came.
i am praying for these two months to pass by quickly and for me to bid this place goodbye!

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