Thursday, July 28, 2011

take it easy!

One month-old here in Deloitte. And I have learned a lot. Training’s over for the time being.  But got a lot more to learn. We have been pushed to set our goals for the year coming. But wait a minute. What goals?? What is it they are talking about? I scratch my head as I try to think. I am confused like most of my friends. Can anyone be so clear about what they want so early? How do I set my goals? I am not even sure of what I want. I am not even sure of what I am supposed to be doing the whole year! And when we aren’t even sure of what goals to set, they want SMART goals or so it seems. Am I the only one who feels this way? I am already apprehensive about the future.  I know this shouldn’t be the way. The way is to be merry and happy.  But I can’t help but feel a little tense.  Where do I stand? And where will I be a year from now? Will my peers move ahead while I stand here frozen? But isn’t it a little too early to worry?  Why am I panicking? There ‘s  still time for the race to the top. It’s been just a month, for god’s sake!  There’s no need to be pulling my hair crazy! Things will be okay. They always turn out fine. Worrying never made anything better!  So I better stop all the worrying and give myself a kick if I do. Anyway no one’s getting a promotion in the first two years!  Rest assured.  So I better  look forward to my first salary and the joining bonus due this Friday(hopefully). Come on. Bring it on! I know exactly what I am gonna do with all the cash! :D


  1. it actually you who was busy sleeping!!!

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