Friday, October 21, 2011

Love etc etc

When you have been single too long and you start thinking it's high time you get into a relationship, at least to have a taste of what it feels like to be in one (this is for people like me!), you can't help thinking of every new guy that comes your way (but of course provided that he's cute/smart enough!)  as the prospective "man" in your life. you fall in love with every second person. at least you think you do! in your mind, thoughts keeps running. "Maybe he is the one. Maybe this time it's different. Maybe things will work out this time. Maybe... " your heart builds up all sorts of hope. it dreams and dreams big. the mind lets the heart go wild; fill itself with hopes and dreams of love. you let yourself be as stupid as can be. you let yourself do things you wouldn't normally. you think everything's gonna fall into place. you think everything's gonna be great. But then.. wham!! something hits you!! suddenly you realize that maybe he's not the one for you. maybe things will never work out between you two. maybe you are not meant for him and he not for you. you mourn the loss. you rant a bit. and then on you move. and not many days later, you run into someone new and he's now the one for you and yet he won't be the one. he's not meant to be yours.
the cycle repeats; of love and heartbreak.and thus the story goes.
but someday, out of the blue, something happens. you realize you've been a fool too long. you realize it's not worth it. and you are happy the way you are. you feel so fine and light. there's not a worry in your mind. you feel good. you feel so free. and you wish you would always feel that way. because you won't have it any other way.

p.s. this post comes "direct dil se". :).